Mousemobile (Hardcover)

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Life is good for the four humans in Cleveland who know that mice have evolved into possibly the smartest species on earth. Eleven-year-old Megan and her cousin Joey have great summer jobs at the mouse-powered factory that makes Thumbtops-the tiny computers mice use to spread the word about climate change.

But suddenly, the Big Cheese, leader of the Mouse Nation, needs their help. There's trouble at his Headquarters in California. The four humans rush to the rescue, only to find themselves on a crazy road-trip-with way too many mice. Their journey takes them clear across the country, always just one step ahead of the mysterious enemy. Will the humans save the Mouse Nation, so mice can continue their fight for the health of the planet?

Get ready for the exhilarating sequel to Mousenet! This updated take on the classic mouse tale is charmingly illustrated and filled with friendship, humor and heart.

About the Author

Prudence Breitrose grew up in the part of England where Winnie-the-Pooh once roamed, but now lives in California. She worked as a health education writer until she had a dream that confused computer mice with the real thing. That got her started on her mouse books first Mousenet and then this sequel, Mousemobile. Visit her and the Big Cheese at

Stephanie Yue is a transplant from Atlanta, Beijing, and Hong Kong. She studied illustration in New York City, and currently shares a home with a hamster in Providence, RI. When she's not drawing, you may find her zipping around on a scooter, training in martial arts, and pretending to be a superhero. More of her work can be found at

Praise for Mousemobile…

Gr 3-5 In order to spread the word about climate change, mice have created and perfected tiny computers called Thumbtops. Humans Megan, her cousin Joey, and her Uncle Fred have great summer jobs at the plant that makes the technology. There's just one problem. The organization, W.A.T.C.H. (We're Against the Climate Hoax), is upset that someone has been spreading "lies" about climate change and they are determined to bring them down. The organization learns that mice, along with Megan and her Uncle Fred, are somehow involved. Inside the Mouse Nation, one or more of the mice have spilled most of the crackers in exchange for a reward. Now the animals and the humans are trying to escape the organization's clutches, and the Big Cheese (the leader of the mice) suspects Megan and her uncle of betrayal. Can they clear their names? Although it is a little preachy, this story teaches an important lesson. The characters are likable, strong, and well developed, and the plot is simple, but well done. The illustrations are detailed and complement the text. Readers who liked Mousenet (Hyperion, 2011) and enjoy fantasy, animal books, and adventure will appreciate this novel. Kira Moody, Whitmore Public Library, Salt Lake City, UT—SLJ

In this follow-up to Mousenet (Disney-Hyperion, 2011), Megan, Joey, the adults, and the mice in their lives drive across country to save the mouse nation. In this series, some mice can speak and use their thumbtops to send emails. Someone is trying to sabotage their work to end climate change, and it is up to Megan and her mice friends to save it. The crew travel across country, trying to get to a secret camp where movie stars are educated about climate change. Filled with amusing word choices and plays on words, this is a fun read that allows one to imagine what it might be like to talk and interact with the little rodents. Carl Harvey II, School Librarian, North Elementary School, Noblesville, Indiana [Editor's Note: Available in e-book format.] Recommended—Library Media Connection

In this charming sequel to Mousenet (2011), mice who use tiny Thumbtop computers need some rescuing by the very few humans who know that mice have evolved. Everything's going fine at Planet Mouse, the mostly mouse-staffed factory that manufactures Thumbtops in Cleveland. Thumbtops are critical for Operation Cool It, Mouse Nation's plan to stop climate change. These mice have no special powers -only sophisticated brains and regular 21st-century technology (if very small)-so when they hear of a threat to (literally) exterminate Mouse Nation headquarters in Silicon Valley, 11-year-old Megan and her uncle Fred rush to California. Carefully protecting the secrecy of the intelligent mice, they drive an RV holding 2,243 mice up through Oregon, pursued by a mysterious truck. One not-too-bright mouse offers sensitive information to climate-change deniers in exchange for an Amazon gift certificate to buy a sparkly pink dress. The text chides her girlieness and fondness for "chick flicks"; action films, conversely, are lauded, and action-movie stars help save the day. Credulity strains sometimes-the Rocky Mountain valley that's home to mercenary climate-change deniers is, coincidentally, right next to Megan's mom's summer job, and the ending is too neat-but Mouse Nation's efficient, rational society, from Mouse Sign Language to legal proceedings, remains enchantingly believable. Closing the book, readers may wonder: Will these mice return, and can they really stop climate change? They will hope so. (Animal fantasy. 8-12)—Kirkus

Product Details ISBN-10: 1423174127
ISBN-13: 9781423174127
Published: Disney-Hyperion, 10/01/2013
Pages: 288
Language: English
Recommended Reading Level Minimum Age: 8
Maximum Age: 12
Minimum Grade Level: 3rd Grade
Maximum Grade Level: 7th Grade