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Start: 7:30 pm
Cecile Andrews in conversation with Acterra's Michael Closson Tuesday, April 30, 7:30 p.m. Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for Conversation, Community and the Common Good Living Room Revolution refutes the notion that selfishness is at the root of human nature. Research shows that people — given the right circumstances — can be caring, nurturing and collaborative. Presented with the opportunity, they gravitate toward actions and policies embodying empathy, fairness, and trust instead of competition, fear, and greed. At the heart of this movement is the ancient art of conversation. Living Room Revolution provides a practical toolkit of concrete strategies to facilitate personal and social change by bringing people together in community and conversation. Cecile Andrews is a community educator focusing on voluntary simplicity, "take back your time," the "Sharing Economy," and Pursuit of Happiness Conversation Circles. She is the author of Slow is Beautiful, Circle of Simplicity and co-author of Less is More. She has a doctorate in education from Stanford. Michael Closson, executive director of Acterra, places special emphasis on environmental programs that provide hands-on learning opportunities and inspire people to take action for positive change in their communities and beyond.
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